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Friday, June 29, 2007

D'Cinnamons - I.M.U.L (I Miss U Love) Lirik

I got your message
an :A)
It's sign of little smile to me
from you tonight

I made a replay
A:(semi colon) A capital P
It's a wind of teasing eye from me
to you tonight

It's already late tonight, I cannot goto sleep
I tired counting sheep and lambs, didn't work
I miss you dear too much

I want to send you another message
I.M.U.L for the word I miss you love
sleep tight, sweet dreams, my love

It's getting hard to sleep
the feeling just not right
my mind is so full of you, got to see you

I miss you love
can't believe it, It's only been one day
But I miss you love

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