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Friday, June 29, 2007

D'Cinnamons - Supergirl Lirik

It's not suppose to feel
It's not suppose to be like this
I'm not what I used to be

I feel that I can't breath
I feel that I can't be my self
strong when I'm alone

I'd try to get you out of my mind
and many times I try to step on the ground
but shades of you, taste of you, smell of you
spinning on my head...
goin crazy just because of you

# take me out of here... 2x
I'm not my self, not I used to be
yes, I'm strong. I wanna be a supergirl
well... I just being me

so long, I've blame my self dreamin but you
I don't want to stop, coz I hate to be alone
just tell me, where you are

I'm looking for you at many places
never bored askin people 'bout where you are
hey don't you dare treat me like
you don't know me

now you're out of my world, don't know
where to find you

back to #

ooo... that strong little girl
ooo... I don't wanna be alone

you control me, you control me, ohh..
you control me ....
the way you are makes me don't wanna go
won't be alone anymore
you control me...

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